Hi, I’m Dr. Bob

How happy are you? Are you very happy, sort of happy, not very happy, damn unhappy? Would you like to be happier? Probably, because most people settle for a lot less happiness than they can achieve and deserve.

Before I go any further, let me introduce myself. I’m Dr. Bob the happiness coach. I’m an imaginary character created by Jim Downton. After he breathed life into me, he let me write his happiness book. Well, he didn’t really let me. I took over and planned the whole thing. He needed me, because he needed my savvy and sense of humor. I’ve been a happiness coach for a long time, long enough to know how people try to get off the hook by not taking responsibility for their misery.

In gentle and not so gentle ways I wake them up to what’s causing them to be unhappy so they can get out of it. Do you like to be around unhappy people? Would you prefer to hang out with the happy ones? Well, are you the happy one people want to hang out with? Maybe, but maybe not. That’s why I wrote Why Am I So DAMN Unhappy?–-to help people become happy enough so others would want to hang out with them. Better yet, they’d be so happy, they’d want to hang out with themselves. It’s a bit like turning up peoples’ inner light. How bright is your inner light? Could you use an energy upgrade?

To learn what’s covered in the book, click on Chapter Titles.
To learn what others have said about it, click on Book Reviews.
To read my short,  opening chapter, click on Dr. Bob’s Introduction.


Dr. Bob

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